Daily archives: 18th May 2009

CCB Application

Wandandian Progress Association has applied to become a Community Consultative Body (CCB) and approval for this is expected in the next week or so, pending Council’s advertising our application in the press and there being no objections raised. A CCB is an organisation that council recognises as representing the residents and ratepayers of a specific area for the purposes of discussion of local issues and the dissemination of information from Council.

Although the Association already makes representations to Council on behalf of the community, it is in a very limited form. If the application is successful Wandandian Progress Association will be much better informed on planning and other issues affecting the Wandandian than currently happens. For example, at present the Association is only advised of Development Applications on adjoining properties to Association land. As a CCB we would be notified of all DAs within the recognised CCB boundaries and would therefore be in a position to stimulate community discussion if there were any contentious applications.