Daily archives: 6th December 2012

Council releases CSP Issues Paper for further community comment

5 December 2012

Shoalhaven City Council has released an Issues Paper to help inform local residents and generate comment as part of the Community Strategic Plan review currently taking place.

Given the substantial community input and Council direction reflected in the 2010 CSP, Council is focusing on a review, rather than a ‘blank canvas’ approach to the 2013-2023 CSP.

As such, the Issues Paper presents a list of key topics focusing on issues that are most likely to impact the Shoalhaven over the next 10 years.

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor, Joanna Gash said it was important that the local community takes the time to read the Issues Paper before making comment.

“The Issues Paper is a well constructed document that provides the community with the necessary background information on the key issues that may affect Council, the Shoalhaven and the wider community,” said Clr Gash.

“As part of this, Council is seeking feedback on 16 key issues and possible policy directions for the Shoalhaven over the next 10 years.

“These key issues have also being discussed at the community workshops taking place throughout the City.”

“While we have received some really encouraging and positive feedback it is important that Council receives as many submissions as possible to ensure the final document is a true reflection of the entire community.”

As part of the submission process, the community should consider –

* Which issues are the most important?
* What challenges are associated with the issue?
* What opportunities may result from the issue?
* What could be done about the issue in the future?

Mayor Gash is also reminding residents to have their say on on the future direction of the City’s built assets and infrastructure in an inter-active satisfaction survey available on the CSP website.

For more information, to view the Issues Paper, survey or to make comment, interested people can visit www.shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au/Shoalhaven2023.aspx

CONTACT: Mayor, Joanna Gash – 0427 160 172