Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 6 May 2014

Matt Thompson, Jocelyn Fox, Brett Simpson, Leith Davis, Ray Stein, Ian Henderson, Garry Druett, Ken Rankin, Janis Natt, Daphne Windley, Ross Earby, Carol Rankin, Anne Simpson, Kaye Hilaire, Ann Kirrage, Clr Patricia White, Clr Mark Kitchener

APOLOGIES (7): Murray Fox, Sue Campbell, Chris Campbell, Phillip Windley, Gill Mathie, Kate Stein, Cheryl Druett

Meeting Opened 7.37pm.

Vice President welcomed all visitors.


Read from previous meeting.

Moved: Ken Rankin, 2nd Kaye Hilaire, That the minutes be accepted as read. CARRIED


Moved to General Business


As of 6 May 2014
Opening Balance 01/04/2014                                                                  $7871.41
Income                                                                                                            $981.70
Expenses                                                                                                      $2805.80
Closing Balance: 29/04/2014                                                                  $6047.31

Out Going Expenses: Nil

Moved to accept Treasurers report: Matt Thompson, 2nd Ken Rankin CARRIED

• Nil

• Letter to Director of Assets and Works SCC Re: Township Signage for Wandandian


• Ross Earby informed progress that a Woodchop advisory meeting was held 23 Apr 14  where he was made Wood Chop Coordinator. Another meeting will be held Wed 14 May 14 to move forward with organising the event for 19 Oct 14.
• Jan mentioned that the progress PA system now has two operational microphones for use.
• Garry Druett spoke at length about LEP and that land had now been gazetted and signed off by Government to be zoned as Rural RU4.
• Garry also requested approval from progress to proceed with action regarding the construction of a shared footpath from the Princes Highway to Bollerang Rd.
• Kladis building fit out still ongoing but an opening date is unknown.
• Clr Patricia White thanked Gary Druett for his diligence and commitment with regard to the LEP to which he had great success for the community.
• Clr White also mentioned that she was aware that our signage letter had been received and she would investigate an outcome of the request.
• Clr White mentioned that the RMS Rep was still interested in attending future meeting and she would contact him with regard to future appearances.
• Also mentioned were future meetings around the Shoalhaven regarding the Council budget and outlay of expenses.
• The dredging of canals in Sussex Inlet
• Ross mentioned that it may be beneficial to approach the Men shed with regard to floor sanding.

A vote was conducted to the following:
Ross Earby moved that the Wandandian Progress Association agrees to undertake the project to establish a shared Walkway on Wandean Road, from the Princes Highway to the Bollerang road intersection and appoint Garry Druett as the coordinator.

Aye (16) Sixteen
Nah (0) Nil

May: Kaye Hilaire


  • Square Dancers – Every Thursday & 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every Month
  • Old Time Dancing – Fourth Sunday of every month 2-5pm
  • Illawarra Dementia Advisory and Care Support Service 1000 – 1300
  • Every Thursday from 10 Jul 14 to and including 04 September 14 (total 9 weeks)


Meeting Closed 8.15pm

TUESDAY 3rd Jun 2014 7.30pm

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