Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 1 July 2014 1

Meeting Opened: 7.34pm

The Chair welcomed Councillor Patricia White to the meeting. The Mayor, Jo Gash, sent her apologies.

Kaye Hilaire
Jocelyn Fox
Shayne Iversen
Brett Simpson
Ken Rankin
Cheryl Druett
Garry Druett
Matt Thompson
Ross Earby
Janis F Natt
Leith Davis

Murray Fox
Ann Kirrage
Anne Simpson
Carol Rankin
Ian Henderson


Minutes of the May meeting were read and confirmed.

Moved: Matt Thompson Seconded: Ross Earby
Business Arising from Minutes:

Matt Thompson undertook to hose the windows as soon as possible.


Opening Balance 31 May 2014                                                      $6435.20
Income                                                                                               $1781.22
Expenses                                                                                           $ 200.00
Closing Balance 31 May 2014                                                        $8016.42

Moved to accept Treasurer’s report: Matt Thompson Seconded: Ken Rankin



  • Jessica Rippon with arrangements for Councillors’ visit to Wandandian
  • various Shoalhaven City Council press releases


– Letter to Federal member, Ann Sudmalis, nominating Wandandian as priority for a mobile tower.
– Letter to Ms Sandi Oconnor, advising that the association had decided to discontinue the markets.
Moved to accept correspondence report: Ross Earby Seconded: Matt Thompson



Garry Druett reported on the visit by Shoalhaven City Council councillors and officials, who looked over grounds and hall, and were very impressed. Garry presented a plan of the proposed pathway. He has since received a letter from Council notifying that $7000 is available for the pathway in this financial year.
Other avenues for funding include grants available from Shelley Hancock. Garry seeking ideas for community fundraising. Jocelyn Fox suggested Cadbury’s chocolates fundraising.
Kaye Hilaire suggested that we work on fund raising at the woodchop to maximise the funds available for the pathway.
The plan prepared by Garry with drawings, specifications and lists of requirements will be placed on the Wandandian web site.


Ross Earby reported on the June meeting of the Woodchop committee.
The event has been named the Wandandian Woodchop Community Expo.
Ambulance Rescue are proposing a mock motor vehicle rescue on the day. There will be an hour break in the woodchop while the mock rescue is taking place.
Other events being planned include tug of war, pony rides, egg catching, gumboot throw etc etc.
Kim Phillips Power FM and 2ST cannot do an outside broadcast from the wood chop due to resource constraints but will do a remote broadcast from the studio.
Next meeting of the wood chop committee Wednesday 30 July.


  • Keys: The Post Office is no longer keeping the keys for the hall and tennis court. New arrangements need to be made. Two options are
    1. Coded key storage box, or
    2. Shell Wandandian

Meeting agreed that key storage box would be an excellent solution, but would need two, one for the hall and one for the tennis court. Ross Earby offered to install them.
The meeting unanimously supported this arrangement.

  • The outside men’s toilet was blocked last week.
  • Jan Natt spoke at length with the manager at Australia Post. Jocelyn Fox also made a personal complaint to Australia Post.
  • Kaye noted that the disabled toilet door is not shutting. Movement in the floor. Michael James was the builder. Jan will call him and ask him to inspect the problems. She will report back to the next meeting and if need be, the association will consult another builder.
  • Kladis tavern – it may be opening in September.


Kaye Hilaire


3rd,8th,10th,17th,22nd,24th,31st, Square Dancers 7pm
10th, 17th,24th,31st – Illawarra Dementia Group 10am to 1pm
19th Dinner Dance to be confirmed
27th Old Time Dancing
Meeting Closed 8.43 pm
NEXT MEETING: 7.30pm 5 August 2014

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