Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 3 June 2014

Meeting Opened: 7.34pm

Matt Thompson Kaye Hilaire
Ross Earby Janis Natt
Coral Rankin Ken Rankin
Ann Kirrage Anne Simpson
Leith Davis Clr Mark Kitchener
Garry Druett


Brett Simpson


Minutes of the May meeting were read and confirmed.

Moved: Jan Natt Seconded: Matt Thompson

Business Arising from Minutes: No

Opening Balance 01 May 2014                                      $6435.20
Income                                                                                  $1781.22
Expenses                                                                               $200.00
Closing Balance 31 May 2014                                        $8016.42

Moved to accept Treasurer’s report: Jan Natt Seconded: Matt Thompson



SCC Media Releases
– Mobile Library to undertake temporary pit stop
– CCTV camera locations
– Traffic control training
– asphalt resurfacing Nowra CBD and Bomaderry
– road rehabilitation works on The Wool Road, St Georges Basin and Braidwood Road mid-May
– offshore artificial reef at Shoalhaven Heads

– from Vincentia Ratepayers and Residents Association providing copy of request to Woolworths to hold a Public Information Meeting to inform the public about plans for the shopping centre at the Jervis Bay Road crossroads.
– from Indigenous Health, with invitation to Cairns 2 World Indigenous Health Conference 8-10 December 2014
– Jessica Rippon, Shoalhaven City Council, advising of her commencement as Team Leader Community Engagement

– from Shoalhaven City Council, advising that Council unable to accede to request for village entrance signs.
– from Shoalhaven City Council, requesting that we update our contact details following the Annual General Meeting.

– tabled at meeting by Garry Druett, a letter from him to the General Manager, Shoalhaven City Council, seeking support and assistance from the Council for the proposed pathway on Wandean Road.


Ross Earby reported on the May meeting of the Woodchop committee.
A program of 8 events has been decided.
A new sponsors’ board will be displayed.
Gill Mathie has offered to set up a large stall on the day, but has requested in return no competition.
St Georges Basin IGA and Super IGA will be happy to support on the day. The wood chop committee are hopeful that all the food and meat will be covered.
Wandandian Shell will do something on the day.
Waiting for a response from Kladis
Every event is covered with sponsorship, and there are block sponsors for every event.
It has been decided that this year instead of the traditional ribbons, prizewinners will be presented with wood chips with plaque attached, as suggested by the Windleys. Ray Stein will provide the woodchips.

The President welcomed Councillor Mark Kitchener to meeting

Garry Druett reported on progress with the Wandean pathway.
A Wandandian Progress Community works group has been formed, with Garry as the Coordinator.
The manager of SCC Assets and Management, Michael Strachan has suggested compacted gravel rather than concrete for the pathway. This option should attract a budget from council for materials. Garry is to survey the project site, do a plan and estimate of costing, and seek funding in June from Council budget.
Gary will maintain the file for the project. At the end of the project the file will be given to the Progress Association. In the meantime he will email progress reports to Anne to place on the website.


– Garry noted that safety inductions for volunteers on the pathway will be provided by Council.
– Jan Natt advised the meeting that she has been in contact with the south coast network manager of Australia Post with regard to concerns the Association has with the current post office arrangements. She asked if she should continue to discuss this matter with Australia Post on behalf of the Association.
– Moved that Jan continue liaison with network manager by Matt Thompson, seconded by Ken Rankin. Carried.
– Concurrently, the meeting was advised that Ross Earby is negotiating with Australia Post to take over the post office, which would be situated in his Wandandian office.

– Councillor Mark Kitchener would like to make himself available for community consultation in the village and sought advice from the meeting on where he should locate himself.
– Matt Thompson recommended the Blue Dog cafe around lunchtime. Other suggestions were the Shell service station, or the Gilellen rural store. The consensus of the meeting was in front of the Blue Dog.

– Kaye Hilaire asked the meeting to consider whether we should keep the markets going, given the current lack of patronage.
– After discussion Kaye Hilaire moved that Ms O’Connor be advised that the Progress Association has resolved that markets be cancelled effective immediately, due to lack of patronage. Seconded by Jan. Carried.
– Kaye Hilaire was to advise Ms. O’Connor on the following day, with a letter from the Progress Association to follow.

– Kaye Hilaire raised the issue of repairs to the window in the kitchen. It was decided that Kaye would contact and remind the person responsible.

– Kaye Hilaire and Ann Kirrage asked for assistance with cleaning the outside of the hall windows. Matt Thompson volunteered to hose them clean within a week.

– Gary Druett questioned whether the Association would be holding a function in July? Jan had reserved 19 July as a tentative date, but it has not been discussed up till now and the general consensus was that it was too late to organise now.
– Ann Kirrage suggested that the Association discuss at the next meeting what we might like for later in the year. Possibilities raised included to join in with the woodchop, or have a Christmas function. It was agreed that we will discuss at the June meeting.


Kaye Hilaire

5, 10, 12, 19 24, 26 June: Square Dancers
17 June: SCC Desiree Rigoni 5pm – 8pm
29 June: Old Time Dancers

Meeting Closed: 8.55

NEXT MEETING: 7.30pm 1 July 2014

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