Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 4 August 2014

Meeting Opened: 7.34pm


Jocelyn Fox
Anne Simpson
Leith Davis
Coral Rankin
Ken Rankin
Ross Earby
Kaye Hilaire
Janis F Natt
Bill Wellman
Clr Patricia White
Daphne Windley
Phillip Windley


Murray Fox
Brett Simpson
Garry Druett
Cheryl Druett
Ann Kirrage


Minutes of the July meeting were read and confirmed.

Moved: Kaye Hilaire Seconded: Ken Rankin

Business Arising from Minutes: carried through to reports and general business.


Opening Balance 01 July 2014                                                $8,016.42
Income                                                                                           $1,645.00
Expenses                                                                                            $591.85
Closing Balance 28 July 2014                                                  $9,069.57

Moved to accept Treasurer’s report Kaye Hilaire Seconded: Ken Rankin


– from Shoalhaven Shire Council, advising that the draft South Coast Regional Sea Level Rise Policy and Planning Framework report would be on exhibition from 5 August to 12 September.

– From Infrastructure Manager, Shoalhaven Shire Council, confirming that the Council strongly supports the Association’s application for grant funding for the community pathway project.
– Tomerong Public School P&C re Ethics Classes, enclosing a request for volunteers, and requesting that the meeting discuss.

– To Australian Electoral Commission, Wollongong, requesting that the hall be considered for a polling booth site for the State Government election in March 2015.

Moved to accept correspondence report: Jan Natt Seconded:Ross Earby



Ross Earby reported that things were still progressing very well.
– Ross showed a poster that has been produced for advertising.
– Ray Stein is working on woodchips for prizes.
– The Committee is advertising for volunteers to assist on the day, and to help out in the canteen with tea/coffee, cakes etc, car parking control, keeping the arena clear etc.
– Ross was planning to meet with Kim Phillips and Chris Firth of PowerFM on the following Thursday to progress plans for broadcasting on the day.
– He showed a sample cap that will be sold on the day for $15. Ross has ordered 30. The meeting was very enthusiastic about the caps, and it was decided that the order should be increased to 50.
– M J Fox etc will be providing a bobcat and truck for the day.
– There will be a working bee on 31 August.
– The Brooks family have given permission to use their paddock for parking, and all general public parking will be provided on that paddock; there will be no public driveway access. Queries were raised about northbound vehicles turning into the paddock, and it was suggested that RMS be consulted. The meeting asked the expo committee to follow this up.


Garry Druett was not present, but in his absence Jan Natt discussed the application for grant which has been submitted to NSW Community Building Partnership. $47,067 was applied for, the total cost as calculated by Garry Druett. Any decision on the grant will not be announced until mid to late November, and work cannot commence until the announcement.


– Jan Natt advised that there is an $840 balance remaining of a volunteers’ grant. Jan has obtained a quote for heating the hall with ‘Nobo’ heaters. Bill Wellman mentioned infrared heaters that have been installed in the new chapel at Albatross, and Jan was asked to follow this up also. After discussion it was decided that Jan would look into all options.
– Kaye Hilaire suggested that the Progress Association could raise funds for the pathway by running a 100 Club. Discussion ensued.
– The Chair welcomed Councillor Patricia White to the meeting. She advised that the draft DCP has been released for comment, and has to be with State Government by October. It is on public exhibition with 40 days to make submissions. Clr White suggested that we ask Garry Druett to have a look at the Wandandian section and advise the Association if we should make a submission. She advised that Council has written a new tree preservation area, with a different treatment of trees in creeks.
– Bill Wellman raised issues that he has found with the LEP treatment of Wandandian village; the State government changed the draft LEP and removed manufacturing as an approved activity within the village.
– Kaye Hilaire mentioned that the old time dancers left the urn on overnight. Jan will remind them to be more careful.
– Jan advised that there will be a wedding in the hall on 29/30 August.
– The keyboxes have been installed.

Kaye Hilaire

5/8 Progress Association meeting
7, 12,14,21,26, 28/8: Square Dancers 7pm
7, 14, 21, 28/8: Illawarra Dementia Group 10am – 1pm
29, 30/8: Renee Cooper, Wedding
31/8: Old Time Dancing

Meeting Closed 9.06pm

NEXT MEETING: 7.30pm 2 September 2014