Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 2 September 2014

Meeting Opened: 7.38pm


Leith Davis
Anne Simpson
Jocelyn Fox
Sue Campbell
Ross Earby
Kaye Hilaire
Ann Kirrage
Phillip Windley
Daphne Windley
Jan Natt


Murray Fox
Brett Simpson
Garry Druett
Cheryl Druett
Chris Campbell


Minutes of the August meeting were read and confirmed.

Moved: Anne Simpson Seconded: Kaye Hilaire

Business Arising from Minutes: carried through to reports and general business.


Opening Balance 1 August 2014                                                                 $9,069.57
Income                                                                                                               $237.38
Expenses                                                                                                           $591.85
Closing Balance 28 July 2014                                                                     $9,306.95

Moved to accept Treasurer’s report: Jocelyn Fox

Seconded: Ann Kirrage


Press releases from Shoalhaven City Council, including:
* NSW Bike Week free cycling events
* Council progress report for 2013/14 (copy printed for circulation)
* Draft Shoalhaven DCP drop in sessions (held in August)
* Shoalhaven Hall of Sporting Fame
* National Child Protection Week
* Tourism Award Winners
* Connie
* Mountain Bike race in Currumbene State Forest
* Funding grant for Albatross Aviation Technology Park
* Nominations for Australia Day awards
* Call for nominations for Community Grants program
* Opening of Lake Conjola
* Update on late delivery of rates notices
* Draft DCP on exhibition from 11 August
* Erowal Bay boat launching jetty
* Funding for Voyager Park, Ellmoos Reserve at Sussex Inlet and planning for Round the Bay Walk
* Home Sustainability Workshops

* Frontline News newsletter, release of final version (will be placed on website)
* Jessica Rippon – CCB Guidelines (copy printed for distribution at meeting)

In: Shoalhaven City Council Australia Day nomination forms for sporting and citizenship awards
Shoalhaven City Council, Application Lodgement Advice.

Out: To Australian Electoral Commission, Wollongong, requesting that the hall be considered for a polling booth site for the State Government election in March 2015.

Moved to accept correspondence report: Jan Natt Seconded: Ross Earby

Ross Earby reported that:

* He had a live interview with PowerFM, and they intend to run a series of interviews over the weeks leading up to the woodchop.
* Wood chip trophies are in hand.
* A working bee was held to clean up the arena – the tree felling poles were removed and stumps placed in the holes for future tree felling.
* Flyers were to be distributed around the local community.
* 30 caps had arrived. Jocelyn moved and Kaye seconded that the account be paid. After discussion it was decided that Ross should order another 20.
* There had been no progress on discussion with RMS re traffic arrangements.
* Planned mock rescue unlikely due to lack of staff, but ambulance will instead stage static display.


There was no report this month.

The President welcomed Councillor Patricia White and Councillor Allan Baptist to the meeting. Mayor Joanna Gash had sent her apologies.


* Ann Kirrage advised that there had been a leak in the roof, and Murray Fox had promptly attended to repair it.
* Ann called an electrician to check the fairy lights, which have not been working for some time. The electrician reported that a new transformer is required. Anne Simpson moved that the fairy lights be replaced completely, and Jocelyn Fox seconded the motion. After some discussion, Sue Campbell moved an amendment that we investigate options to repair or replace the fairy lights, and this amendment was seconded by Anne Simpson.
* Kaye Hilaire advised that she and Ann Kirrage intend to retire from cleaning the hall, and checking after each hire, at the end of October. Discussion ensued on options for paid cleaning, including budget issues. Councillor Baptist suggested that the committee contact the Council staff member who assists with public hall management, who will be able to advise on options.
* The President thanked Kaye and Ann for their contributions over many years to the successful running of the hall.
* Councillor Baptist spoke briefly to the meeting.
o He advised that the Wandandian village sign is in the Council budget, and he is trying to get a definite date for it.
o Waiting for news of success on our grant application for the pathway
o Advised that Council is moving into budget cycle, and he would like the association to work out our five priority projects and advise himself and Councillor White so that they can be aware during the budget deliberations.


Kaye Hilaire


2/9 Progress Association meeting
4, 9, 11,18,23,25/9: Square Dancers 7pm
4/9: Illawarra Dementia Group 10am – 1pm
28/8: Old Time Dancing
Meeting Closed 8.27pm

NEXT MEETING: 7.30pm 7 October 2014