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Council encourages local residents to remove environmental weeds

Senna in flower
Shoalhaven City Council is encouraging local residents to identify and remove the environmental weed, Cassia from local properties.

Originating from South America, Cassia (Senna pendula) was originally brought to Australia as an ornamental horticultural plant.

Local residents will recognise the weed from its bright yellow buttercup flowers which are currently in bloom. Cassia thrives in all conditions and can be found along the area’s beaches, creeks and roadsides.

Mayor, Joanna Gash said Cassia was an incredibly invasive weed, out competing many of the area’s native plants for nutrients and sunlight.

“While the flowers may appear quite alluring, make no mistake, Cassia is a serious environmental weed that needs to be eradicated from the Shoalhaven,” said Clr Gash.

“Many of the area’s 65 Bushcare Groups already spend countless hours controlling and removing this invasive plant from our bushland reserves, however more needs to be done.

“Council is calling on the local community to identify and remove any outbreaks of Cassia from within private property.”

“Small plants, under knee high, are able to be removed by simply pulling out the shrub from the roots while larger weeds may need to be sawn or cut at the base of the trunk and the stump painted with a small amount of undiluted Glyphosate.”

“Left unattended, Cassia will continue to reduce biodiversity in our natural bushland by outcompeting our native plants and creating an unwanted mono-culture.”

Mayor Gash said any local residents looking for more information on Cassia or any other serious weeds can use the resources found on Council’s website  

or by downloading a copy of  Grow Me Instead 

Residents wanting a hard copy of the Grow Me Instead Booklet can phone Council on 4429 3111 or email
 to receive a copy.

CONTACT: Mayor, Joanna Gash – 0427 160 172



Council releases CSP Issues Paper for further community comment

5 December 2012

Shoalhaven City Council has released an Issues Paper to help inform local residents and generate comment as part of the Community Strategic Plan review currently taking place.

Given the substantial community input and Council direction reflected in the 2010 CSP, Council is focusing on a review, rather than a ‘blank canvas’ approach to the 2013-2023 CSP.

As such, the Issues Paper presents a list of key topics focusing on issues that are most likely to impact the Shoalhaven over the next 10 years.

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor, Joanna Gash said it was important that the local community takes the time to read the Issues Paper before making comment.

“The Issues Paper is a well constructed document that provides the community with the necessary background information on the key issues that may affect Council, the Shoalhaven and the wider community,” said Clr Gash.

“As part of this, Council is seeking feedback on 16 key issues and possible policy directions for the Shoalhaven over the next 10 years.

“These key issues have also being discussed at the community workshops taking place throughout the City.”

“While we have received some really encouraging and positive feedback it is important that Council receives as many submissions as possible to ensure the final document is a true reflection of the entire community.”

As part of the submission process, the community should consider –

* Which issues are the most important?
* What challenges are associated with the issue?
* What opportunities may result from the issue?
* What could be done about the issue in the future?

Mayor Gash is also reminding residents to have their say on on the future direction of the City’s built assets and infrastructure in an inter-active satisfaction survey available on the CSP website.

For more information, to view the Issues Paper, survey or to make comment, interested people can visit

CONTACT: Mayor, Joanna Gash – 0427 160 172

Council’s Review of the Community Strategic Plan and Infrastructure Survey


As you may already be aware, through recent media coverage, Council is currently reviewing the Community Strategic Plan. As part of this review Council will be hosting a number of workshops and village stalls. The workshops dates and locations are:

Bay and Basin– St Georges Basin Country Club-
Wednesday 21st November 2012 from 5.30pm to 7pm

Nowra – School of Arts-Thursday 29th November 2012 from 5.30pm to 7pm

Ulladulla -Ex Servicemans Club-Thursday 6th December 2012 from 5.30pm to 7pm

To find out more details about the workshops and the location of the community stalls please go to Council’s Community Strategic Plan Review webpage.
As part of this review Council is also undertaking an infrastructure survey which is now available for your comments. By completing the short online survey you can help Council determine how our limited resources can best be utilised in maintaining our roads, buildings and other existing infrastructure. If on-line completion is not possible hard copies of the survey are available at Council’s Administration buildings and Libraries.

Community to have their say on future direction of Local Government

Shoalhaven City Council is encouraging local residents to have their say on the future direction of Local Government as part of the NSW Government’s current structural review.

The NSW Government has established an Independent Local Government Review Panel to recognise the ‘different needs of regional, rural and metropolitan’ communities.

As part of the review, the panel is currently consulting broadly with Councils, the wider community and key stakeholders as it investigates the financial sustainability of Councils, the way services are delivered, the future size and scale of Councils and the way community decisions are made.

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor, Paul Green said the Independent Local Government Review could have major ramifications for NSW Councils saying it was important that the local community took the time to read the initial consultation paper and make a submission.

“The Local Government Review Panel has been established to ensure that the structure and delivery models for NSW Councils are set up in a way that will meet the future needs of the community,” said Clr Green.

“In setting the terms of reference for this review, the NSW Government has praised the work of Local Government while also flagging the need for significant structural change.

“In what is expected to be a broad sweeping review of the current Local Government model some of the issues to be discussed include financial arrangements, rate pegging, roles and responsibilities and incentives to reform.”

“I would certainly encourage the local community to have their say on these issues and make comment on the future of Local Government as part of the review process.”

To make a submission and view the consultation paper visit


Shoalhaven City Mayor,
Councillor Paul Green
(02) 4429 3251
Mob 0423 881 873

Myrtle Rust found in the Shoalhaven

Shoalhaven City has recently been included in the list of areas affected by Myrtle Rust.

Myrtle Rust is a plant fungal disease that was found in NSW in April 2010. Since then it has spread to an area from Shoalhaven City to the Queensland border. Myrtle Rust can be spread by people moving infected plant material, contaminated equipment, clothing and vehicles. It can also spread by wind, insects and other animals. Myrtle Rust has been identified on plants in nurseries, residential properties, and bushland.

The Department of Industry and Investment requests that people help limit the spread of the disease by following measures outlined on their internet site:

Where Myrtle Rust is suspected in your backyard, treatments include apply fungicides or destroy host plants.

To identify Myrtle Rust on plants:

  • Do not move the plant as this will spread the fungal spores
  • Refer to the photos on the Myrtle Rust internet site
  • Take a photo of the infected plant to your local nursery or send a photo to I&I NSW at email address