Inaugural Hangi and Music Evening was a huge success!


The Wandandian Progress Association have been busy raising funds to complete Stage 2 of the Wandean Road Community Pathway.

Stage 1 was completed in February with some welcome support and financial assistance from the Shoalhaven City Council. The Machinery work for the pathway was done by local volunteers .

To raise funds for Stage 2 raffle tickets were sold and a Hangi and Music evening was held in the local hall Saturday 3 June. Being overwhelmed with interest, 140 Hangi tickets and 761 raffle tickets were sold raising just over $6,000.

Wandandian Hangi

A great evening was had by all and although the Hangi meal was a little late coming out of the ground, no one really seemed to care as they rocked away to the fabulous 70’s music of the V.I.C.E Squad from Vincentia. The band started at 6pm and they were still going at 11pm. The Hangi fire and a couple of fire buckets burned and kept some outside while others danced the night away inside the hall. The atmosphere was fabulous as was the food, the music and the company – a great mix for a great evening.

Congratulations to those who won prizes in the raffle and the lucky Door Prize.

Wandandian Progress Association would like to thank those who participated and helped raise this money for Stage 2 of the pathway where work will commence once the ground dries out enough.









Raffle Result Details:

1st Prize:     Samsung 50: Smart TV Ticket No. 201     Sue Blessing,St Georges Basin

2nd Prize      Webber Baby Q (BBQ) Ticket No. 677     Glen Simpson, Scullin, ACT (formerly of Wandandian)

3rd Prize      Bewong River Retreat O’night stay          Ken Rankin, Wandandian

4th Prize      Set of Travel Luggage                                     Rob Young, Sanctuary Point


Lucky Door Prize:   A Security Screen Door donated by Bay and Basin Security – won by Kimberley George, Vincentia



Wandandian Community HANGI and Live Music Fundraiser

Hangi Flyer


Come Join us for a Community HANGI at the Wandandian Progress Hall on Saturday 3 June from 5.30pm.
We are raising funds to complete Stage 2 of the Wandean Road Pathway and we need your support!
A fun evening of music supplied by The V.I.C.E. Squad, Traditional Hangi Meat and Veg, plus homemade desserts (made by the local ladies), Lucky Door prize and other fun game activities throughout the evening. The raffle will be drawn at 7.00pm. BYO drinks and nibblies.

Tickets go on sale this week and are limited, so get in early – Adults $30 each or $55 for a couple, $15 for children aged 5-12. Children under 5 Free. Entry will by ticket only. There will be NO door sales
Overnight Campers welcome. Campsite Fee $10

Tickets available from Gilelen Rural Supplies on Wednesday’s and Sat mornings. For further information contact Co-ordinator Ross Earby.

Website revamp

Over the coming weeks we are revamping our website. We would like to include photos of Wandandian, Jerrawangla and Bewong in a slideshow on the website to promote our beautiful area. If you have suitable high resolution photos that you would allow us to use on the site free of copyright restrictions please send them (full size) to webmaster@wandandian.org.au We will credit you on the site if you give us appropriate details.

Trash and Treasure sign

Saturday 27 August  2016
8am to 2pm

D2683 Princes Highway, Wandandian NSW 2540
(midway between Nowra & Milton)


  • Sell unwanted items, Craft, tools etc!
  • Car boot spaces – $20
  • Larger spaces (max 6 m x 6 m) – $25
  • Hire a table & space in the hall – $18
  • Stallholder set up: 6.45 am to 8.00 am
  • Don’t miss this opportunity!
  • Book your stall space ASAP!


  • Find yourself a bargain!
  • Gold coin entry (under 12s free)
  • Browse and buy at your leisure
  • Enjoy a cuppa & homemade treats
  • BBQ specials and a cold drink
  • Visiting buskers
  • Children’s playground
  • Areas to relax and meet friends


This event is hosted by the members of the Wandandian Progress Association who are raising funds to improve community facilities.

Giant Parramatta Grass
Information Session
Wandandian Progress Association Hall

Thursday July 7th
between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm

Shoalhaven Landcare invites you to an information session on Giant Parramatta Grass (GPG)

At this session, you can learn about how giant Parramatta grass grows, how other landowners are tackling this weed, and what has been successful.

Landowners have found that GPG is a difficult grass to control.
Many landowners are unclear about how and when to control it and what is the correct strategy for their situation.

Amanda Britton Agronomist Local Land Services Berry Understanding the biology of GPG – how it grows; when are the important times for action and how this knowledge helps keep it in control
Max Boyd Farmer from Yatta Park at Conjola Max has worked to control GPG on his grazing property
Greg Thompson Brogers Creek Landcare Different strategies that Kangaroo Valley farmers are using for GPG control
John Kubale Bengalee Landcare Trialling the naturally occurring biological control Nigraspora

Several fact sheets and control manuals will be available at the information session. They are also available from Shoalhaven Council at Nowra or Local Land Services at Berry.

Please RSVP to Julia Banks, Shoalhaven Landcare Coordinator at coordinator@shoalhavenlandcare.org.au Landcare logo

This project is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program


It is with deep regret that we advise the Wandandian Community of the tragic death of Gavin Murray, the proprietor of Wandandian Auto Dismantlers ( formerly Wandandian Wreckers), in the truck accident on the highway on Monday 21st December 2015. His loss will be deeply felt by all who knew him. He was a hardworking friendly family man and his family will have a lot to cope with over the coming months.

To assist them Wandandian Progress Association has set up a fundraising account with the Bendigo Bank and any donations can be made at any Bendigo Bank by mentioning “Gavin Murray”. Any donation large or small will go towards helping Alison with the children’s future.

We will also be holding fundraising events, the first of which will be a Golf Day at Sussex Inlet.

Golf Day flyer

Golf Day fundraiser


Fire permits are required if you wish to burn off during the Bush Fire Danger Period. The Rural Fire Service provides information regarding fire permits on their website. Please note that even though you may have a permit you are required to heed current Bush Fire Danger warnings, as well as to inform your neighbours and the RFS Nowra, Phone (02) 4424 4424, 24 hours before you plan to do so.

Also please be aware that Fire Permits for the Wandandian area are issued by volunteers from the Wandandian Brigade who fulfill this role in addition to their work and family commitments. Please be patient and recognise that they have to inspect your proposed burn before they issue the permit and will do so as soon as is practicable. Currently Wandandian Brigade has only 3 Permit Issuing Officers so their workload is considerable.

Floods 24th-26th August 2015

Just a few photos following the deluge over the past couple of days. 396mm has fallen in the 48hours from Monday 24th-Wednesday 26th August.

10:00am Monday 18mm

10:00am Tuesday 155mm

10:00am Wednesday 223mm

Bob White's property Western side of causeway

Bob White’s property Western side of causeway


Bob White's property western side of causeway

Bob White’s property western side of causeway

Eastern side of Wandean Road near causeway

Eastern side of Wandean Road near causeway

Causeway on Hancock's Creek

Causeway on Hancock’s Creek

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 5th May 2015

Meeting Opened: 7:40pm


Sue Campbell
Jocelyn Fox
Kaye Hilaire
Ann Kirrage
Clr Patricia White
Chris Campbell
Ian Henderson
Ross Earby
Brett Simpson
Anne Simpson
Ken Rankin
Carol Rankin
Garry Druett
Cheryl Druett
Ray Stein
Kate Stein
Daphne Windley
Les Corish

Murray Fox
Sue Henderson
Belinda Tekis
Andrew Tekis
Jo Gash
Eve Bray
Jan Natt
Phillip Windley

Minutes from previous meeting read. Accepted: Kaye Hilaire 2nd: Ross Earby


  • Ross Earby has quotes from Nowra News and Sth Coast Register for wood chop ads – $190.00 for both. Ross has advised it would need to run twice. Move that we pay Ross Earby for ad. Ann Kirrage. 2nd Ken Rankin
  • Actizyme purchased and Sue Campbell reimbursed.
  • Les Corish in attendance – presented cheque for $2000 for floors. Thanks from Progress. Jocelyn Fox to do letter of thanks.


  • SCC – letter Development application
  • SCC – Media release Work on St Georges Basin Village Green
  • SCC – Media release Shoalhaven City Arts Centre
  • SCC – Media release Key Planning and Budget Documents
  • Email – Garry Druett Change of email address
  • NSW Dept of Fair Trading Financial Reporting Obligations
  • B & N Flooring Services Quote for floor


  • Letter of thanks Mr M Fox
  • Letter of thanks Mrs A Kirrage
  • Letter of thanks Mrs K Hilaire
  • Letter of thanks Mr and Mrs R Stein
  • Letter of thanks Mr and Mrs C Campbell

Moved by Les Corish 2nd Anne Simpson


Opening Balance                                                                       $9771.75
Income                                                                                       $ 150.29
Expenses                                                                                   $1878.92
Closing Balance 27 April 2015                                               $8043.12
Accepted: Ross Earby 2nd: Ann Kirrage


    • Floor quote – one verbal $4500, one written for $4890. Discussion regarding products and expenses. We only need stain not lacquer. We will ask B & N Flooring Services if the quote will cover stain as well. Unanimous support to get the floor done as quotes are reasonable. Kaye Hilaire will call B & N Flooring Services to see if they will keep same price for change of product.
    • Anne Simpson advised that Square dancers not using hall in last week of May.
    • Dinner dance – discussion about when to hold. Kate Stein suggested a warmer month. Kate and Jocelyn to formulate a plan and get back to next meeting.
    • CCB Executive Meeting – Kaye Hilaire and Ann Kirrage attended. They were most welcome. They had lunch and it was lovely. The meeting was very informative and there were councilors who were familiar with Wandandian. They were able to understand what was being talked about. Placed into groups of 5 to discuss what each community does to encourage members and how they raise revenue. Lots of suggestions that came from this discussion already implemented by Wandandian Progress. Suggested that meetings should be done onto computer for ease (which is being done). Kaye presented the notes and paperwork issued to them from the meeting for all to look at.
    • Sue Campbell in conversation with Les Corish regarding emergency services use of our grounds in light of the recent helicopter landings in our paddock and mucking it up. Sue questions if council might be able to provide funding for the upkeep of these areas, as we are a staging area for all emergency situations. Clr Patricia White suggested a letter to Ben Stewart for an onsite meeting regarding this, as he is who is in charge of all operations in emergency situations. Explain what we want and why. Ross Earby suggested some helicopter emergency landing light as well and this could be included into the letter. Kate Stein suggested a floodlight on the peak of the progress building. Jocelyn Fox to draft a letter and send to Sue Campbell and Ross Earby before sending out.
    • Kaye Hilaire mentioned that we do not have the lock on the paddock gate. Will not lock it as not necessary.
    • Clr Patricia White – accidents on the highway near Kladis Winery. Clr White mentioned that these accidents seem to be occurring in the wet weather and she feels that the water run off is a factor. She has spoken to RMS regarding this. They stated they have driven their detection vehicle over the spot but it was in the dry. Clr White requested it be done again in the wet. Should hear back next week. She has also spoken to Shelly Hancock regarding the bridge into Wandandian. State govt has a bucket of money to spend on these areas to help fix them. Clr White asked that Progress raise these issues with Shoalhaven Council Traffic Committee for the area from the Northern bridge to Bewong. Also include in this letter a request for a review of the speed limit – reduction through all of Wandandian. General discussion about this issue. Jocelyn Fox to draft the letter.
    • Wandandian sign almost finished. Thank you council. Clever use of it to include Bewong and Wandandian on the same sign.
    • Sue Campbell will place a sheet into the post office requesting locals email addresses for inclusion in minutes mail-out.
    • Garry Druett regarding the footpath – still struggling to get finance for it. No success with IMB or state government. Next effort will be with Mulwaree Trust. Garry has spoken to the people involved with this organization. Garry pointed out the safety concerns we have. If they fund it, it will not be for the whole amount. Progress needs to match any funding by a third. We have $7000 committed by SCC. Progress will supply $3000. Has asked Mulwaree for $23000. Total of $33000. Garry has begun the paperwork and will submit this as soon as possible. Also been working with Michael Strachan who secured the $7000 from SCC for us. Environmental impact study has to be completed. Garry suggested that if we fail to secure funding, we will use the $7000 to begin the project anyway and then we have the avenue to secure more funding at a later stage. Garry will continue to chase this up. Follow up at next meeting.
    • Sue Campbell – email received from Dept Fair Trading (as per correspondence in). It is regarding the lodgment of financial reports. They are running meetings at Bomaderry Bowling Club on Tuesday 19th May 2015 and Wednesday 20th May 2015. Late lodgment fee of $88 for last years report. Jocelyn Fox will send with financials from AGM 2015. Anne Simpson and Sue Campbell will attend the Wednesday meeting.
    • Brett Simpson asked if we get pest inspections done. Fire Shed has been having some issues. Jocelyn Fox asked if we should get one done in light of the proximity of fire shed to progress hall. Sue Campbell suggested we get a quote. Ross Earby stated that a pest inspection costs approximately $250.00. Sue Campbell moved that we get a quote. Garry Druett suggested that treating would cost the same as the quote. Ross Earby suggested Bacchas Partners or DNA Pest Control. Ross Earby to call on Progress behalf.
    • Sue advised that the storeroom will not be getting the floor done but suggested that we get a tough marine style carpet to lay there instead.

Meeting Closed at 8:30pm

NEXT MEETING: 2nd June 2015