Recreation Reserve

Notice of Meetings for Wandandian Recreation Reserve Management Committee

Notice is hereby given that the Wandandian Recreation Reserve Management Committee will hold its 1) Ordinary meeting and 2) Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 6th June at Wandandian Progress Association Hall. The meetings will immediately follow the Wandandian Progress Meeting which will commence at 7:30 pm.

All residents and interested persons are invited to attend these meetings. It is anticipated that these 2 meetings will take about and hour in total in addition to the Wandandian Progress Association meeting.

The management committee is responsible for the upkeep of our Recreation Reserve under delegated authority from Shoalhaven Council.

Please follow the links below to read the Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 7th March 2017 (27kb .docx) held on 7th March 2017 and the last AGM minutes 6 July 2016 (27kb .docx) held on 6th July 2016

We look forward to seeing many new faces at both the Progress Association and Reserve Committee meetings.

For more info see Wandandian Progress Association’s website or contact the Secretary, Wandandian Recreation Reserve Managment Committee