As a result of the ongoing restrictions from COVID-19, the 2020 Annual Woodchop Competition has been cancelled. As the Woodchop is the major fundraiser for the Association, the decision to do so was not taken lightly, however in the interests of the health of the community and the Association’s volunteers it was deemed necessary.


Bushfire Devastation

You might have noticed that there has been a dearth of information on the website regarding the bushfires here in Wandandian. That is because all of our bushfire updates have been via our Facebook page which I am able to update more quickly than the website.

Our Facebook page can be found here 

We have received an enquiry regarding future fundraising for our local firefighters. At this stage we have not had any discussions in this regard. However such fundraising will no doubt be on the agenda for discussion at our first meeting of 2020.

It will be held on Tuesday 4th February at 6:00 pm. If you would like to participate in the discussion please come along to the meeting.

The photos below were taken on New Year’s Eve during the firestorm.

Site Maintenance

We have being doing some maintenance on the website today to get rid of out of date information and removing various media files that are no longer relevant.

On the off chance that we removed some important files (the site is administered by volunteers) please Contact us  to report the error.

Thanks everyone. We hope you find our website useful and would love to know if there is anything that you would like us to add.

Minutes of June 2018 Ordinary Meeting

Tuesday 5 June 2018

MEETING OPENED at: 7:40 pm

Sue Campbell (Pres), Eve Bray (A/g Sec), Ross Earby (VP), Richard Eggins (Treas),
Kaye Hilaire, Ann Kirrage, Chris Campbell, Anne Simpson, Brett Simpson, Ken Rankin,
Carol Rankin, Daphne Windley, Kate Stein.

APOLOGIES:   Garry and Cheryl Druett, Arlene & John Whipp.

VISITORS:  Ian Henderson

MINUTES of previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting held on 1 May 2018 as read be adopted.

Moved     Anne Simpson    Seconded    Ross Earby    Carried

BUSINESS ARISING from previous Minutes
Kay advised the cost of the band for the 50th Birthday celebrations should read $770.
It was then moved that other business arising from previous meeting be moved to general business.

Moved     Kaye Hilaire    Seconded    Carol Rankin    Carried


IN: Email from SCC advising the 2018 round of SCC Community Development Grants just opened with a submission deadline of 29 June: Funding up to $2000 with results notified by 31 July.

Moved     Ann Kirrage    Seconded    Kate Stein    Carried

Opening Balance as at 1st May 2018                                              $18,360.21
Income                                                                                                        +      236.88
Expenses                                                                                                      –       66.10 

Closing Balance as at 31 May 2018                                                  $17,957.23 

Outstanding expenses: 

  •   Chq 252 SCC Water                                                                      $      13.40
  •   Chq 255 NSW Fair Trading                                                                45.00


Cashbook Balance as at 31 May 2018                                             $17,898.83  
Moved that the treasurers Report as presented be accepted

Moved     R. Eggins    Seconded    Kaye Hilaire    Carried

1.    Community Footpath Update: Eve Bray
Work on Stage 4 of the footpath (concrete yard to end of the watercourse) would commence on Wednesday 7 June when gravel would be delivered and some earth moving work would be done by a contractor. On Thursday the 8th, Garry, the Contractor and Richard would commence laying the pathway with their heavy machinery.
Eve asked for volunteers to help with maintenance work on the Stage 1 section commencing at the corner of Bollerang and Wandean Roads, for Thursday at 10am. BYO shovel or pruning shears and morning tea.

2.    Woodchop Update: by Ross Earby (Event date – Sunday 21st October 2018)
•    Events have now been finalised.
•    Invites have gone out to sponsors with some results.
•    Invites have gone out to stallholders and follow-ups will continue.
•    Alison will provide a report at the next meeting.

3.    Hall Booking Report: For June 2018 by Anne Simpson
•    The Square Dancers – each Thursday evening, 7-10pm
•    Shoalhaven Revival Fellowship – each Sunday, 1.30-4.30pm
•    Casual hires: Landcare on Thursday 7 June, Teri Johnston Saturday 23 June and the Clancy Henderson party on Saturday 30 June.
•    Advanced notice: Kerry Wood 80th party on Sunday 23 September.

4.    Business Community Update
Australia Post update – The Shell Service Station have taken over the postal service.  Staff have been trained, mail has been moved from the back room and is now sorted into pigeon holes out in the shop area making it easier for 1 staff member to handle.

5.    OHS Issues:   Nothing to report.

Update on 50th Anniversary Cabaret Dance (Saturday 10 November) by Kay Hilaire
•    Samples of table centre placemats being laminated by Anne Sudmalis, and entry tickets costing $12.50 for 120, were shown.
•    Raffle prizes include: O’nite stay at Bewong River Retreat, Harvey Norman – Canvas print 14”x11”,  Bewong Roadhouse – meal voucher.
•    Ruth Langford will donate a bottle of scotch for the coin toss.
•    The South Coast Register will be present for the cake cutting.
•    It is expected there will be at least 8 Councillors attending.
•    A change of caters to Green Olive Café, who have their own staff, will cook in the hall and serve for $30 per head.
•    Kaye is currently taking names for table bookings.
Moved that all Kay’s plans as reported be accepted and moved forward

Moved     Anne Simpson    Seconded    Ross Earby    Carried

Funding Update
Sue has prepared a SUEZ Grant application for $,8,500 for hall kitchen renovations as follows:  Rewell Kitchens quoted $4,780 for cupboard replacement on two sides of the older part of the kitchen, and for a double sink to be installed.  Joyce Mayne quoted $2599 for a double oven and $799 for a dishwasher.  Total cost $8,178.
Additional expenses for Plumbing, Electrical and other incidental costs are not included in the SUEZ submission.

Maintenance: Sue reported that the outside toilet units (cistern and toilet seats x 2) will be replaced prior to the Woodchop event at a total cost of $154.

For Action: Ross reported that May Breuer (of Elstar Motorcycles, Wandandian) advised that her father-in-law Nev Ollis passed away on 11 May. Ross requested that a condolence card be sent to the family on behalf of Progress.
CCB Meeting attended by Anne Simpson and Eve Bray on 24 May in Ulladulla. Anne reported that most items were of general interest and an opportunity to listen to staff presentations on Finance, Tourism, Planning and Fire Services.

Expenditure Approval requested by Ross for the cost of advertising the Woodchop in the ‘About’ Magazine.

Moved     Sue Campbell    Seconded    Richard Eggins    Carried

Reminder of Committee absences: 
Sue Campbell away June to September and Ross Earby away 29 June to 19 July 2018.

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 and with there being no further business the meeting was closed at 8:25 pm.