Myrtle Rust found in the Shoalhaven

Shoalhaven City has recently been included in the list of areas affected by Myrtle Rust.

Myrtle Rust is a plant fungal disease that was found in NSW in April 2010. Since then it has spread to an area from Shoalhaven City to the Queensland border. Myrtle Rust can be spread by people moving infected plant material, contaminated equipment, clothing and vehicles. It can also spread by wind, insects and other animals. Myrtle Rust has been identified on plants in nurseries, residential properties, and bushland.

The Department of Industry and Investment requests that people help limit the spread of the disease by following measures outlined on their internet site:

Where Myrtle Rust is suspected in your backyard, treatments include apply fungicides or destroy host plants.

To identify Myrtle Rust on plants:

  • Do not move the plant as this will spread the fungal spores
  • Refer to the photos on the Myrtle Rust internet site
  • Take a photo of the infected plant to your local nursery or send a photo to I&I NSW at email address
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