Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 2nd December 2014

Meeting opened at: 7:40pm

Sue Campbell
Anne Simpson
Phil Windley
Kaye Hilaire
Carol Rankin
Ken Rankin
Jocelyn Fox
Brett Simpson

Leith Davis
Daphne Windley
Kate Stein
Chris Campbell


Minutes of the November meeting were read and confirmed.
Moved: Ken Rankin
Seconded: Kaye Hilaire


  • Guest Speaker Matthew Dimmock (Ability Links)… try for Feb
  • Ross Earby has produced and delivered Woodchop Certificates of Appreciation
  • Invites for sponsors get-together not yet done
  • Letters regarding footbridge done and sent out
  • Letter to Jan ready to go
  • No news on the toilet door yet.
  • Measurements for blind have been obtained, but as the window is an odd size the blind will need to be custom made. Kaye recommended getting quotes and going from there



OPENING BALANCE:                                          $ 11977.78
Income for month:                                                    $ 333.21
Expenditure for month:                                           $ 763.43

CLOSING BALANCE:                                          $ 11547.56

Accounts to be paid: NIL
Approved / Not approved
Discussion re bank signatories. Anne Simpson needs to go to the bank with ID to be added as a signatory.

Moved: Kaye Hilaire
Seconded: Phil Windley


  • Sue has applied to Council for Wandandian Progress Association to be approved as a qualified organisation that needs volunteers so that people wo need to do voluntary work for Jobsearch can work for us
  • Anne noticed that our insurance paperwork has the wrong address. For some reason it showed Jan’s old address instead of the correct hall address. Sue has notified Macey’s and this will be corrected
  • There was discussion about the hall cleaning contract and it was pointed out that Alison would need to have her own public liability insurance.
  • Further discussion ensued as to whether or not bands at our functions are covered by our insurance or if they would need to have their own. This is to be investigated for future reference
  • Phil queried progress of the funding for the Wandean Road pathway. Garry had advised that there had been no updates.
  • On a motion from Phil Windley, which was seconded by Kaye Hilaire, that:
    The Sponsors’ Sausage Sizzle planned for 14th December be rescheduled till 15th Feb   and the Price Bros be invited to play, if they are available, for a fee to be determined.
    the meeting agreed and changed the date accordingly as many of the members would be unavailable to assist at the BBQ. Time to commence 12:00pm

Meeting closed at: 8:30pm
NEXT MEETING: 3rd February 2015