Hall Hire Checklist



Please use this list to check that all tasks have been completed to ensure that the Hall is left in a clean and tidy condition for the next user group. It must be signed by the Lessee, to confirm that the tasks have been completed, and then left on the bench in the kitchen for collection by the Wandandian Progress Association member inspecting the hall. All items brought onto the premises by the Hirer must be removed by the end of the booking, unless prior arrangements have been made with Association.


Any spills cleaned up, including fridge, walls and floors    
Refrigerators cleared of leftovers    
Benches wiped    
All crockery and cutlery used during the booking washed up and put away    
Urns and Zip water heater turned off    
All power points EXCEPT refrigerators turned off    
Floors swept and mopped (detergent for tiled floor supplied)    
Bins emptied and cleaned    
Bins emptied and cleaned    
All windows are closed    
Chairs returned to storeroom and stacked    
Tables folded and returned to storeroom    
All lights (except security sensor lights) and fans turned off    
Floor swept    
Floor washed if necessary (detergent for wooden floor supplied)    
Toilets flushed    
Floors washed (internal toilets)    
Bins emptied and cleaned    

SIGNED: __________________________(Lessee)                            Date:  _________

CHECKED: ________________________ (Committee Member)       Date: ________