Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 3 February 2015

Meeting opened: 7:35pm

Sue Campbell
Jocelyn Fox
Kaye Hilaire
Ken Rankin
Carol Rankin
Sue Bray
Richard Eggins
Anne Simpson
Brett Simpson
Garry Druett
Cheryl Druett
Phillip Windley
Daphne Windley

Murray Fox
Chris Campbell
Ray Stein
Kate Stein


Minutes of the December meeting were read and confirmed.

Accepted: Anne Simpson 2nd: Kaye Hilaire

Business Arising From Minutes:

  • Anne has not been to the bank at this point to add as signatory. She will do this.
  • Macey’s have been notified of address change and paperwork has been provided with correct address.
  • Sue Campbell investigated the insurance – notation added to cover volunteer worker. Letter from Centrelink attached.
  • Sue also discussed cleaner insurance. She will have to have her own. Cleaner cannot afford to pay her own insurance. Sue suggested a letter to her explaining that she works at own risk and also that anyone who enters the hall when she is here is under her liability.
  • Progress only liable for things such as malfunctioning equipment. We are not liable for people slipping on spilt food/drink etc.



  • Centrelink – refusal for volunteers registration
  • Premier and Cabinet – refusal of grant application
  • Website hosting bill (see Treasurers Report)
  • Request to complete a survey for an Urban Planning Dissertation
  • Square Dancers dates for 2015
  • CCB Newsletters December 2014 and January 2015
  • SCC Development Committee notice of meetings and associated paperwork
  • SCC re LGA issues for State Election
  • Resignation from Secretary Leith Davis
  • Heather Burge re Dementia Group dates 2015


  • Email to SEC re use of hall for Elections
  • Square Dancers re 2015 dates
  • Dementia Group re dates

Correspondence Accepted: Kaye Hilaire 2nd: Ken Rankin

Opening Balance                                             $11547.56
Income                                                             $    114.46
Expenses                                                          $   358.00

Closing Balance                                               $11304.02

Opening Balance                                             $11304.02
Income                                                             $    284.60
Expenses                                                          $   247.50

Closing Balance                                               $10937.92
O/S Income                                                     $   600.00
O/S Expenses                                                  $   503.20
Overall Balance                                               $11437.92

Accepted: Matt Thompson 2nd: Garry Druett


  • Attempted break-in through the kitchen. Denis Hilaire did some panel work on the frame to secure it again. Anne Simpson has photos on her phone of the site. Denis has also renewed the screws that hold the other section tampered with. It is suggested that it might be some youth passing through the area or from the area. Thankfully some visiting campers notified Anne Simpson of suspicious behavior of some kids.
  • Discussion about our ‘good’ reputation on WikiCamps site online. Also discussion about number of campers using our site. Suggested we need some signage for not camping on Rural Fire Shed concrete. Brett Simpson could organise this on the roller doors of the shed. Maybe we should put a donation tin on the tennis fence or toilets to help with our associated costs of free campers.
  • Kaye Hilaire moved that we install bars on the kitchen windows to stop any future attempted break-ins. Suggested we approach Owen Wood about this for a quote. 2nd: Philip Windley. Kaye will contact Owen about this.
  • Clr. Alan Baptist – wants more information on footpath. Garry Druett spoke regarding this. Unsuccessful in obtaining grant. New application has been put in with IMB who have a similar community grant project. Hopefully will have a reply by next meeting. There is another avenue if this is unsuccessful – Veolia Mulawaree based in Goulburn.. (This is southern region funding). We will initially utilise the $7000 funding grant that we currently have. Garry to stay involved in securing funding via SCC. We should get started in 2015. Alan suggested a letter from Progress asking for additional funding through the 2016-2017 budget. Garry will do this letter on Progress behalf.
  • Clr. Patricia White spoke regarding other grant funding. 5 councils have a budget for this. Suggested that we do a search for council grants. Must be completely not for profit!
  • Clr. Alan Baptist – Wandandian sign has been designed and we will be the first on the list to have it constructed. Sue Campbell mentioned that the owners of the 2 properties where it is to be placed have submitted letters of objection to the location as it impedes their driveways. Suggested that we do a letter with an alternate location – email to either Alan or Patricia.  Anne Simpson to do this email. Location suggested that the location be south of the old post office before the gates into the paddock. Matt Thompson to take a photo of the location and send to Anne Simpson for her to include in the email to Alan and Patricia.
  • Kaye Hilaire paid her outstanding debt of $20 for a hat.
  • Murray Fox has not had a chance to fix toilet door. Will get onto it.
  • Community Day to be moved from 15th February to Saturday 14th March 3pm onwards. Ross Earby and Jocelyn Fox to do invitations for sponsors and volunteers. Signs to be placed in the local businesses to advertise the event.
  • Post office lease up at the end of the month. Not sure what will happen after this date with regards to a local post office. Business has been advertised on GumTree for $15000. There are a few other local businesses looking at taking it on.
  • Sport and Rec have supplied tennis rackets and balls for hire which are at located at the Coffee Garage and can be utilised by anyone with a booking.
  • Anne Simpson – hall bookings; we have had a cancellation due to our prices. Questioned why our fees so much compared to Tomerong Hall, however our hall twice the size. The person in question was invited to the meeting however did not attend. Daphne Windley questioned if fees were on the website. Yes they are.
  • Kaye Hilaire asked what we are doing regarding the secretary position. Jocelyn Fox will do until the AGM.

Meeting closed 8:35pm.

NEXT MEETING: 3rd March at 7:30pm