Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 3 MARCH 2015

Meeting opened: 7:37pm

Sue Campbell
Jocelyn Fox
Kaye Hilaire
Ann Kirrage
Eve Bray
Richard Eggins
Shayne Iversen
Anne Simpson
Ross Earby
Phillip Windley
Daphne Windley
Clr Amanda Findley
Clr Mark Kitchener
Murray Fox

Gary Druett
Cheryl Druett
Chris Campbell
Carol Rankin
Ken Rankin
Brett Simpson

Minutes of previous meeting read. Accepted: Anne Simpson 2nd: Kaye Hilaire

Business Arising from Minutes:

  • Treasurer reports that the balance in the Minutes from last meeting should have been recorded as $11341.12 as was the closing bank statement balance not $11437.92 as was the cash book balance after outstanding income and expenses were factored in. All noted on the Treasurers Report in the correct format just recorded in the Minutes incorrectly. Apologies.
  • Sign – Ann Kirrage spoke with Kaye Murray. Ann provided alternate location on the other side of the driveway – Sthn side of the mill driveway. Ann suggested on the flat near Mr Spear’s paddock. Council would maintain.
  • Secretary error in last minutes – Centerlink letter was approval to use not declining approval. Apologies.


  • SCC email – potential phone scam
  • SCC email – host of MX Nationals in August
  • SCC email – ensure dogs are secure
  • SCC email – REMS Stage 1B review of environmental factors
  • SCC email – Building Communities; one handshake at a time
  • SCC email – Community Grants Scheme
  • SCC email – Youth Week
  • SCC email – dumping of waste
  • SCC email – Senior’s Week
  • Alison Reminis Cleaning – regarding public liability insurance
  • Valuer General – Notice of Land Valuation


  • Various invitations to Woodchop sponsors for Community Day.

Opening Balance                                                    $11341.12
Income                                                                      $ 804.57
Expenses                                                                   $ 441.20
Closing Balance                                                      $11704.49

O/S Expenses                                                          $ 234.95
Balance after o/s expenses                                 $11569.54
(cash book balance)

Accepted: Kaye Hilaire 2nd: Anne Simpson


  • Sue Campbell obtained quote for Holland blinds with stainless steel accessories for $231.00. Anne Simpson moved we go ahead with order. 2nd Kaye Hilaire.
  • Owen Wood quote for bars on the windows – $401.50. Kaye Hilaire moved we accept quote. 2nd Ann Kirrage.
  • Discussion of public liability requirements of any contract cleaner. Our insurance does not cover cleaner. We are happy with Alison Reminis’ work. Ann Kirrage expressed thought it was cleaner once a month and volunteers weekly – this was agreed upon as was the general idea. Ross Earby suggested we ask Alison to clean weekly only and have volunteers alternate week. Phillip Windley asked how long it should take for a major clean. Ann Kirrage stated it was 3.5 hours once a month. Kaye questioned utilising Centerlink people to clean as part of their community service. Motion by Ross Earby – write to Alison regarding her services, asking that she suspends her work at this point pending Progress sorting out the best option financially for us. We also ask that she advises cost of public liability/personal accident insurance premiums and return any hall keys. 2nd Ann Kirrage.
  • Post office now at Gilelen Rural. Open 5.5 days.
  • Dirt at front of hall to construct gardens. Chris Campbell and Murray Fox doing.
  • Application through Stockland for $1000 grant. We have submitted an application for a new oven in the kitchen.
  • Kaye Hilaire moves that a padlock be reapplied to the gate to our paddock. 2nd Jocelyn Fox. We have a spare padlock and key which will be added in the next few days.
  • Clr Mark Kitchener – praised the progress meeting for working together to solve problems.
  • Old chairs on back verandah to be taken to the tip.
  • Community Day – Saturday 14th March. Invitations have been sent to sponsors. Sue Campbell to place signage in local businesses. Also will do a flyer for mail boxes at Gilelen and local houses. Anne Simpson will put notice on the Wandandian website. Sue asked for approval for money to purchase bread, lollies, chips and nibbles for guests. Approved.
  • Ross Earby – Woodchop will be 18th October this year. Ross will organise again with help from volunteers.
  • Kaye Hilaire asked for quotes to have floor redone. Ross Earby said that he has asked Les Corish from IGA for community grant. He will follow up. Carry over to next meeting.
  • Ann Kirrage asked for email with hall bookings to be sent to her. Anne Simpson has been doing this.

Hall bookings as per attached sheet.

Meeting Closed: 8:45pm

NEXT MEETING: 7th April 2015 at 7:30pm