Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 4 November 2014

Meeting Opened: 7.35 pm

Jocelyn Fox
Shayne Iversen
Ann Kirrage
Kaye Hilaire
Ross Earby
Brett Simpson
Phillip Windley
Daphne Windley

Matt Thompson
Murray Fox
Chris Campbell
Anne Simpson
Kate Stein

The President welcomed Councillor Patricia White to the meeting, and accepted Mayor Gash’s apologies.


Minutes of the October meeting were read and confirmed.
Moved: Brett Simpson Seconded: Kaye Hilaire

Business Arising from Minutes: carried through to reports and general business.


Opening Balance                                                             $9607.74
Add Income                                                                    $8064.27
Less Expenses                                                                $5694.23

Balance as at 31 October 2014                                   $11977.78

The Treasurer also presented a separate financial report for the Woodchop and Expo:

Income:                                                                           $9396.45
Expenses:                                                                        $5046.48

Total Profit from Woodchop:                                       $4350.97

Moved to accept Treasurer’s report: Phillip Windley Seconded: Kaye Hilaire


Various press releases from Shoalhaven City Council

Advice of development applications from Shoalhaven City Council



  • from Shoalhaven City Council to all Community Consultative Bodies
  • public exhibition of draft policy for temporary storage (shipping) container on public land
  • letter of resignation as Public Officer and Hall Booking Officer from Mrs Janis Natt
  • letter from Shoalhaven City Council advising that a township sign will be installed at the northern approach to the village
  • letter from Shoalhaven City Council regarding the future provision of library services in the Milton area
  • letter from Shoalhaven City Council regarding works on the upgrade of Turpentine Road, Tomerong in the 2014-2015 financial year
  • letter from Shoalhaven City Council advising of likely changes to grant funding processes for traffic and transport facilities

Out: None
Moved to accept correspondence report: Kaye Hilaire Seconded: Brett Simpson



  • Jocelyn proposed formal appreciation of Ross’s wonderful job with the Woodchop, and the meeting expressed their appreciation.
  • The President suggested that the Association present certificates of appreciation to sponsors and main stakeholders. Jocelyn and Ross will prepare the certificates.
  • There is a considerable amount of leftover supplies and it has been decided that the Association hold a community sausage sizzle, inviting all the sponsors and supporters of the Woodchop. Jocelyn moved that the event be held on 14 December, seconded by Kaye Hilaire, to commence at 12 noon. Food and soft drinks will be provided, but other refreshments will be BYO. Invitations: the Secretary and Treasurer will develop and distribute invitations.


  •  A letter of resignation was received from Jan Natt, from her positions as hall booking officer and public officer. The President expressed the thanks of the Association to Jan for her sterling service to the community and the Association. Ross Earby moved that we write to Jan accepting her resignation, and Jocelyn seconded the motion.
  • Anne Simpson has accepted the position of public officer, and for the time being will undertake the duties of hall booking officer.
  • Jocelyn has received a submission from a community member asking for Association to write letters asking for improved pedestrian and bicycle access to Condies Creek bridge. The meeting agreed enthusiastically.
  • Post Office – the meeting discussed ongoing issues with the Post Office opening hours.
  • The President reported that a new cleaner has been appointed, initially on a 3 month trial, and commenced the week after the Woodchop; cleaning products are being stored in a locked cupboard at the hall.
  • Kaye Hilaire asked if a new door could be fitted to the ladies’ outside toilet. Jocelyn offered Murray Fox’s services. Kaye also mentioned the kitchen blind, which is being progressed.
  • Fairy lights – there was ongoing discussion about proposed replacements for the fairy lights.
  • Kaye Hilaire requested that the Progress Association send a card to Robin Kirrage. She will advise an address.

Report by Councillor White

  • The Mayor has visited China; the Shaolin Temple is going ahead in the new year, and will be completed within three years.
  • Council has submitted a grant application to update Huskisson wharf to provide facilities for cruise ships to visit the bay.
  • Council are undertaking a review of all their activities and assets.

Meeting Closed 8.55pm

NEXT MEETING: 7.30pm 2 Dec 2014