Minutes of Ordinary 7 April 2015

Meeting opened: 7:40pm

Jocelyn Fox
Kaye Hilaire
Brett Simpson
Ann Kirrage
Ian Henderson
Ross Earby


Murray Fox
Sue Campbell
Chris Campbell
Cheryl Druett
Gary Druett
Anne Simpson

Minutes of previous meeting read. Accepted: Ann Kirrage 2nd: Ross Earby


  • Invoice in from Owen Wood received and accepted for $401.50. Treasurer to pay. Accepted by Kaye Hilaire. 2nd : Ann Kirrage
  • Blinds up and already paid for
  • Gardens done and look great. Thanks to Chris Campbell and Murray Fox. Kaye Hilaire moves that we send a letter to Kate and Ray Stein for their work on the bollards and also a letter to Murray Fox and Chris Campbell for the gardens. Jocelyn to do letters. 2nd: Jocelyn Fox.


  • Receipt from DataWave
  • SCC email – ‘Hey Tosser’ campaign
  • SCC letter – dredging works
  • Macey Insurance re cover of hall


  • Letter to Alison Reminis re cleaning

Correspondence moved: Ross Earby. 2nd: Brett Simpson

Opening Balance                                                                 $11704.49
Income                                                                                  $ 1158.92
Expenses                                                                              $ 3091.66
Closing Balance 31 March 2015                                         $ 9771.75

Accepted: Ann Kirrage 2nd: Ian Henderson


  • Sue Campbell requests that we can purchase ACTIZYME for the septic system. Cost approx. $18.00. Use approx. 1 tablespoon per week. Moved to accept Jocelyn Fox. 2nd Brett Simpson.
  • Garden materials donated by Murray Fox and installed by Murray Fox – no charge. Work completed by Sue and Chris Campbell. Plants donated by Ann Kirrage and Kaye Hilaire.
  • Letter to Sue Campbell from Judee Nolan – CCB Executive meeting. Invitation to CCB meeting at Council Administrative rooms to discuss any ‘city-wide’ issues which we may have. Discussion about items for the agenda. Village signs discussed – crooked/uneven etc. Jocelyn Fox to email Judee Nolan for this to go on the agenda. Kaye Hilaire and Ann Kirrage to attend the meeting as Wandandian representatives in lieu of Sue Campbell and Jocelyn Fox. Ian Henderson also mentioned the ‘black spot’ sign near Bewong. He feels that we should invite the council to exert pressure on the appropriate bodies for this known area and improvements to it. Brett Simpson added that it should be for all black spot areas in the Shoalhaven.
  • Floor – Ross Earby has not been able to catch up with Les Corish, however Sue Campbell has sent word that she saw Les and he has donated $2000.00 for the floor to be done. Jocelyn Fox to await notification before sending a thank you letter to Les pending donation from IGA or him personally.
  • Sue Campbell sent a laminated copy of signage to be placed around the Progress Association and Sport and Rec to alert campers that we are community funded and donations would be accepted gratefully. The donations box in the Sport and Rec door has been started. Ross Earby suggested that the slot needs to be high enough to deter silly actions of silly people.
  • Kaye Hilaire announced that the next meeting is the AGM – 5th May – and there are some positions available.
  • Kaye Hilaire mentioned the dinner dance – are we having one? To be carried over to the next meeting.
  • Ross Earby asked to be able to put an ad in the South Coast Register and the Sussex Inlet Weekly and the About Magazine for the Woodchop. Moved by Ross Earby. 2nd Jocelyn Fox.
  • Ian Henderson mentioned his hall hire in March – thanked the venue as it was wonderful for the function. Jocelyn Fox to organise bond refund.
  • Ross Earby asked what is happening with the path? Brett Simpson advised we did not get the grant. Gary Druett not here to let us know what other options are available. Carry over to the next meeting.

Hall bookings as per sheet.

Hall cleaning being done by Sue Campbell, Kaye Hilaire and Ann Kirrage.

Meeting closed: 8:30pm

NEXT MEETING: 5th May 2015 at 7:30pm