Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 2nd June 2015

Meeting opened 7:45pm

Sue Campbell
Jocelyn Fox
Anne Simpson
Kaye Hilaire
Mayor Joanna Gash
Clr Patricia White
Clr Alan Baptist
Ann Kirrage
Brett Simpson
Ross Earby
Ken Rankin
Carol Rankin

Mathew Thompson
Les Myers
Kirsten Sandison
Kate Stein
Murray Fox
Ray Stein
Phillip Windley
Daphne Windley
Eve Bray
Richard Eggins
Chris Campbell
Gary Druett
Cheryl Druett

Minutes from previous meeting read. Accepted: Anne Simpson 2nd: Ken Rankin


  • Sue Campbell contacted B & N Flooring regarding the quote. The floor has now been done for $4600.00.
  • Dinner dance – Jocelyn Fox and Kate Stein suggest a Trivia Night in September and a Karaoke night in February.
  • Wandandian sign finished.
  • Gary Dreutt not here to discuss footpath. Carry to next meeting.
  • Sue Campbell and Anne Simpson attended Dept Fair Trading meeting. Found it informative. Anne Simpson has created registers that they require – committee and members, conflict of interest, etc. To be stored on site.
  • Pest inspection – Ross Earby asked DNA and they will get back to us.
  • Email board at the post office. Business register set up with local businesses around the grounds for travellers.


  • Dept of Fair Trading
  • SCC – letter re: Princes Highway
  • Bendigo bank re: access online to view only
  • SCC – Notice of meeting of development committee


  • SCC – Ben Stewart re: use of facilities
  • SCC Traffic Committee re: review of bridge and road
  • Les Corish – IGA re: thanks for community grant

Accepted: Kaye Hilaire 2nd:Ken Rankin


Opening balance 1 May 2015                                                   $8043.12
Add Income                                                                                 $2567.05
Less Expenses                                                                             $4639.18
Closing balance 31 May 2015                                                    $5970.99

O/S Expenses – Dept of Fair Trading $ 139.00

Moved: Ann Kirrage 2nd: Carol Rankin


  • Jocelyn Fox expressed that we should be doing Acknowledgement of Country. She will get a copy of it and moved that we do this from the next meeting on. 2nd by Ross Earby.
  • Sue Campbell presented the advertisement that Ross Earby placed in the papers for the Woodchop. Already getting interest in the event from businesses and market holders. Ross working on the Woodchop – events listing done. Events pretty much the same as last year – 8 event listing. There were 9 last year as Toby Davis added his event at the last minute on the day. Ad in the Axemen’s calendar. Ross requires a cheque for the Axemen’s Association. Jocelyn Fox to write.
  • Mayor Joanna Gash – development meeting was on today. Feels that they are getting things done. Council very busy. DA’s very busy – approx. 16 dwellings approved per week. Big motel Vincentia complex approved. Dan Murphy’s opening soon. Callala Beach land sold. Manyana Skate Park approved. Pool to be open in September. Oallen Bridge almost completed. Thanked Clr’s for attending our meetings. Turpentine Road should begin in July.
  • Clr Patricia White believes we have the best supper at Progress Meetings. She stated that our grounds are looking fantastic. Believes that there has been such an improvement over the past couple of years in the town. Spoke to Ben Stewart regarding our letter. He has indicated that he is happy to come and talk to us. Clr White suggested we call as a follow up to the letter that was sent. Attended Eurobodalla meeting – they suggested that they want SCC to be involved with them. Meeting yesterday regarding budget. With reference to rates they only received 5 submissions out of 55000 ratepayers regarding this. Has attended conferences on a variety of issues. Went to Wivenhoe dam and was given a presentation on the floods and a tour of the walls. Budget works for Sussex Inlet to include bridgework.
  • Clr Alan Baptist – SCC spending over $200 million over the next 2 years which will cover RMS issues and pipeline under the Shoalhaven River. When Alan saw the Wandandian sign up and completed he was very happy. It will have a garden placed around it. Asked how we feel with regards to SCC and how they are moving and performing. Sue Campbell feels that the consolidation of departments as a cost cutting exercise has been effective. She also acknowledges that the council is very busy and keeping some things really fun, such as the yellow piano. Ross Earby mentioned developers and their gripe with council, yet stated that it allows for confidence knowing that council have employed people to assist with the workload. General discussion.

Meeting closed 8:25pm

NEXT MEETING: 7th July at 7:30pm