Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 5th May 2015

Sue Campbell
Jocelyn Fox
Kay Hilaire
Ann Kirrage
Clr Patricia White
Garry Druett
Cheryl Druett
Richard Eggins
Kate Stein
Ray Stein
Ian Henderson
Ken Rankin
Carol Rankin
Ross Earby
Anne Simpson
Brett Simpson
Daphne Windley
Chris Campbell
Les Corish

Murray Fox
Jo Gash
Eve Bray
Jan Natt
Phillip Windley
Meeting opened: 8:35pm

Minutes from previous meeting read. Accepted: Anne Simpson 2nd: Kaye Hilaire


President’s Report:
A very rewarding and exciting year in Wandandian.

    • The annual Community expo and Woodchop in October was a resounding success. Ross Earby took over as coordinator and did an exemplary job. We had some outstanding & generous sponsors who helped to make the day so special. We combined the Woodchop Events with a small market day, some static displays and live music. The hot food at the tennis shed and the cold food etc in the hall all contributed to the day. All in all it was one of our most profitable and successful days.
    • Community Day: This was held on the 14th March this year and was organised to thank all our volunteers and to help our local community get to know one another better. Although only a small turnout it was an enjoyable afternoon.
    • Grounds Maintenance- We have been successful in obtaining Centrelink approval to accept volunteers over the age of 55 who are required to complete up to 30 hours per fortnight doing volunteer work. Chris Campbell has taken over the responsibility of our grounds and building maintenance and is doing a terrific job. I think we can all agree that the area is looking great.
    • Progress is trying to obtain funding to construct a footpath alongside Wandean Road. This will benefit all in our community who regularly walk (or would if they felt safer) up and down the road. Although no funding as yet Garry Druett is keeping us updated on his efforts to find funds. Council has indicated they fully support this initiative.
    • We now have new Holland blinds in the kitchen (supplied and installed by David Elton of Shoalhaven Blinds from Bewong at cost)
    • We also have new security bars on the outside of the same kitchen windows supplied and installed by another local Owen Wood. This will help with the overall security of our Hall.
    • New gardens have been placed either side of the ramp at the front of the hall to make it more attractive. These were achieved at very little cost to Progress and look great.

Overall a very productive and satisfying year. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed throughout the year.

Sue Campbell

Treasurers Report:
This past 12 months has been busy for Progress. We must thank the hard work of Ross Earby for the wonderful Woodchop and Field Day, and to all of those who assisted on the day. Hall bookings have continued to be steady with some regular bookings now filling the calendar and many private functions being held. We have continued to seek out available grants/funding from a variety of sources and will continue to so over the next 12 months. Thank you to everyone who works to make the Wandandian Progress Association as wonderful as it is. The books will be taken to Melissa Salway of Salway Taxation and Accounting for review after this meeting.

Jocelyn Fox

Opening Balance 29/4/2014                                                             $6047.31
Closing Balance 27/4/2015                                                               $8043.12

Yearly Income                                                                                   $16666.60
Yearly Expenses                                                                                $14670.79

Profit for Year Ending 27/4/2015                                                    $1995.81

Moved: Ken Rankin 2nd: Ray Stein



Sue Campbell
Nominated: Anne Simpson
2nd: Cheryl Druett

Ross Earby Nominated: Jocelyn Fox
2nd: Les Corish

No nominations – Jocelyn Fox to fill in until secretary found

Jocelyn Fox
Nominated: Sue Campbell
2nd: Ken Rankin

Anne Simpson
Nominated: Sue Campbell
2nd: Jocelyn Fox


Anne Simpson
Nominated: Anne Simpson
2nd: Jocelyn Fox


Anne Simpson
Nominated: Kaye Hilaire
2nd: Les Corish

Melissa Salway Unanimous


  • membership to remain at $10
  • Quorum to remain at 5 members
  • Hall hire costs to remain the same
  • Co-ordinates South 35”05.313 East 150”30.666 Time capsule to be opened in 2035.
  • Treasurer to submit financial report to Dept of Fair Trading.

Meeting closed: 8:50pm