Annual General Meeting

Notice of Meeting

Date:      Tuesday 4 May 2021

Venue:    Wandandian Progress Hall

Time:      6.00pm General Meeting
                6.30pm AGM and Election of Office Bearers
                7.00pm Transport NSW Jervis Bay, Sussex Inlet (JBSI) Project:
                Community Consultation Meeting

The JBSI Project Team to meet with the Wandandian, Bewong & Jerrawangala Communities and you are
invited to discuss and address concerns in relation to the Princes Highway Bypass Project.
If you are interested, this is your opportunity to hear from the Team.

Please see the attachments below for further information regarding the AGM and membership.


All Enquiries to:
The Secretary
Mob: 0408 249 546 or

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 6 May 2014

Matt Thompson, Jocelyn Fox, Brett Simpson , Leith Davis, Ray Stein, Ian Henderson, Garry Druett, Ken Rankin, Janis Natt, Daphne Windley, Ross Earby, Carol Rankin, Anne Simpson, Kaye Hilaire, Ann Kirrage, Clr Patricia White, Clr Mark Kitchener

APOLOGIES: (7) Murray Fox, Sue Campbell, Chris Campbell, Phillip Windley, Gill Mathie, Kate Stein, Cheryl Druett

Meeting Opened 8.15pm

Minutes of previous AGM were read.
Moved: Kaye Hilaire , Seconded: Anne Kirrage, that the minutes be accepted as read.

Presidents Report: As the president was not in attendance, no report was available.


Opening Balance 7th May 2013                                                                    $ 3645.42
Income: 2013/2014                                                                                       $18,240.44
Expenses: 3013/2014 –                                                                                 $ 15,836.55
Closing Balance: 23rd April 2014                                                                  $ 6047.31

Moved: Jocelyn Fox , Seconded: Anne Simpson That the Treasurers report be accepted.



All positions were declared vacant and the chair was taken by Clr. Patricia White.

The Following office bearers were duly elected:

PRESIDENT:                             Sue Campbell
Nominated by Jan Natt                  2nd Jocelyn Fox

VICE PRESIDENT 1:             Anne Simpson
Nominated by Kaye Hilaire           2nd Ann Kirrage

VICE PRESIDENT 2:             Kaye Hilaire
Nominated by Jan Natt                  2nd Ann Kirrage

SECRETARY:                            Leith Davis
Nominated by Ann Kirrage           2nd by Ray Stein

                          Jocelyn Fox
Nominated by Ann Kirrage            2nd by Jan Natt

PUBLIC OFFICER:             
Janis Natt
Nominated by Ann Kirrage           2nd Kaye Hilaire

OFFICER                                   Janis Natt
Nominated by Ann Kirrage           2nd Kaye Hilaire

AUDITOR                                Melissa Salway
Nominated by Jocelyn Fox           2nd Jan Natt

COORDINATOR                    Anne Simpson
Appointed by Progress

• It was agreed that the GPS coordinates for the Time Capsule be recorded in the minutes.
Sth 35”05.313’ – East 150”30.666’2035

• Membership to remain at $10.00 per Family

• Quorum to remain at 5 Members

• Clr Patricia White congratulated the elected Members .

Meeting Closed 8.47pm


Wandandian Progress Association
Minutes of Annual General Meeting
7th May 2013

ATTENDANCE: Rob Edwards, Jan Natt, Jocelyn Fox, Anne Simpson, Brett Simpson, Shane Iverson, Clr Patricia White, Gary Druett, Ann Kirrage, Tony Kirrage, Dave Durant, Daphne Windley, Phillip Windley, Kate Stein, Phil Barrett, Rebecca Barrett, Lorraine Martin, Kim Porter, Kaye Hilaire, Dennis Hilaire, Jenny Wiltshire, Peter Smith, Joy Hayward, Kevin Hayward

APOLOGIES: Murray Fox, Sue Campbell, Chris Campbell

Meeting opened 8:51pm

Minutes of previous AGM read. Moved to accept Jan Natt. 2nd Anne Simpson. Accepted unanimously.

Read and accepted.

Opening Balance                      $4297.94
Income                                    $39252.77
Expenses                                $39905.29
Closing Balance                        $3645.42

Moved to accept Jan Natt. 2nd Anne Simpson.

Motion by Jan Natt – “That flowers be sent to auditor as a thank you.”
2nd Anne Simpson.  Moved unanimously.

All position were declared vacant and the chair was taken by Clr Patricia White, resulting in the following office bearers being duly elected.

PRESIDENT:                     Sue Campbell      Nominated by Ann Kirrage,   2nd Jocelyn Fox

VICE PRESIDENT 1:      Brett Simpson    Nominated by Jan Natt,   2nd Kaye Hilaire

VICE PRESIDENT 2:      Kaye Hilaire      Nominated by Jan Natt,    2nd Ann Kirrage

SECRETARY:             Matthew Thompson       Nominated by Ann Kirrage,  2nd Jan Natt

TREASURER:                    Jocelyn Fox      Nominated by Jan Natt,   2nd Sue Campbell

PUBLIC OFFICER:         Jan Natt              Nominated by Jocelyn Fox,   2nd Ann Kirrage

HALL BOOKING          Jan Natt              Nominated by Jocelyn Fox,   2nd Ann Kirrage

AUDITOR:                        Melissa Salway
   (Salway Taxation and Accounting)

WEBSITE                          Anne Simpson    Nominated by Kaye Hilaire,    2nd Jan Natt

•    Daphne Windley asked that the GPS coordinates for the time capsule go into these minutes.  They are accordingly SOUTH 35’’ 05.313’  EAST 150’’ 30.66’   Capsule to be opened in 2035
•    Membership to remain at $10/family.
•    Quorum to remain at 5 members.
•    Hall booking bond – so long as paid 1 month before said function ok. Make adjustment to booking document as necessary.

Motion by Anne Simpson – “That the booking contract be re worded to state that bond is received a minimum of one month before the function.”
2nd Kaye Hilaire. Moved unanimously.

Meeting closed 9:17pm


All residents of Wandandian and surrounding areas are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting which will be held on Tuesday 1st May at 7:30pm.

Reports of the year’s activities will be presented along with the Election of Office Bearers.

The committee hopes to see you all there.